Is GMO Corn Responsible for Deaths in South Africa?

One of the most tragic stories described in the documentary Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives is that of South Africa farm workers. They were eating huge amounts of the genetically engineered corn grown on the farm—possibly eating more GMOs than any group in the world. That’s because many South Africans eat corn as a staple—three times per day.

The farmer had described to U.S. Veterinarian Dan Skow how his workers suffered from mysterious health problems and a very high death rate, but never considered that the corn might be the problem until he started harvesting non-GMO corn. His switch of corn varieties was a desperate attempt to try to combat the poor health of his dairy cows and pigs. Watch this short segment that tracks the health of both the workers and the farm animals as they  switched from GM corn, to non-GM corn, back to GM corn, then finally on non-GMO corn again.

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